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MSTRPLN Add-ons - Printable & Digital Habit Tracker Sets

MSTRPLN Add-ons - Printable & Digital Habit Tracker Sets

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Need a little more organization in your life? Our MSTRPLN Add-On Sets can be added to your planner to organize and inspire you in almost every part of your life. Whether you want to crush it in the gym or make sure you have enough savings for your new furry family member, we have you covered.

All our Tracker Sets come in PNG & PDF files, which means you can both print them to be used in your physical planner, or download them to be inserted into your digital devices. All our digital planners are compatible with GoodNotes or any PDF reader and can be used on any tablet like an iPad, smartphone, or smart notebook. Once you buy them, they're yours to keep using month after month, just simply print out a new sheet.

We hope these add-ons will further personalize your planner! Want something that we don't have yet? Send us a DM on Instagram!

What's Inside

The Options

  • New Paw Parent Set: Includes an info sheet to be given to dog sitters, a budget sheet to help plan for pet expenses, and a memories page where you can insert your favorite photos. 
  • OOO (Out Of Office) Set: Includes daily intentions, activity log, words of affirmation, and monthly overview pages. 
  • Stay Well(ness): Includes a monthly habits and goals tracker, meal prep layout, and a morning page. 
  • Side Hustler Set: Includes side hustle info sheet, income tracker and project planner.

The Details

  • Comes in both PNG & PDF files
  • Compatible with GoodNotes and any PDF reader
  • 2 download limit 
  • Downloads will be automatically sent via email.
  • If you want to print the tracker sets: download the PDF file.
  • If you're new to digital downloads and using GoodNotes, this is a great beginner tutorial from our friend Mrs. Call's Campers

How to Use

How To Export onto Digital Devices:

  • If you're exporting the digital planner to GoodNotes or Notability on your iPad, please watch this how-to video.  
  • Using the PDF file will allow you to open up the sets as separate pages in your digital planner. 
  • Using the PNG file will allow you to insert the sets as images to be placed on top of an already existing page. 
  • The digital planner is not designed for iPhone or Android use.
  • If your digital planner is experiencing delays, check to see that you're using the latest version of your notetaking app or PDF annotating/markup app. Delays may also be a result of your device reaching storage capacity. Lastly, delays are expected are more elements are added.
  • Any other questions, please check the Help & Instruction tab in your digital planner or reach out to us directly at
  • NO REFUNDS on digital or printable downloads. Please make sure this purchase is right for you.
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