About Our Planners

What are the dimensions of the physical MSTRPLN planner?

Our planners differ in size. Check out "The Details" on the product page for exact measurements. 

How's the MSTRPLN paper quality?

All of our planners use 100 GSM paper aka their thickness is .12mm

Is the MSTRPLN still suitable for me if I'm not a financial, budgeting wizard?

Absolutely! We at MSTRPLN believe that financial independence is a key component in achieving your wildest dreams, but we also understand how hard and scary it can be to tackle such an intimidating topic. Don't worry! Skip right past all that financial scariness and you'll still have a planner to help keep your organized as you plan your goals. 

Do you sell undated planners?

Yes! We sell dated, undated planners and printable planners!

What do I do with my planner once I'm done with it?

We hope you keep it! It's like a less emotional, more productive version of your high school diary. Hang on to it and see how far you've come. 

Where are your planners printed and designed?

Our planners are designed in Los Angeles, CA and printed with our good friends in China.

Who designs the product?

All the products are designed by our founder, Aja Dang. You can find her on Youtube and Instagram.