About Us

MSTRPLN is a female-run and founded company that was launched in 2020 by Aja Dang to empower people to stop drifting through their days and get intentional about what they want. Our planner will inspire you to take charge of your financial power, organize your crazy schedules (wine optional) and dream boldly.

After heavily relying on multiple planners and journals to help her pay off six-figures of student loan debt in two years, Aja built this planner to bridge the gap between budgeting, goal setting and life organization. Life doesn’t always have to be in balance, but it will finally be your choice when it is.

Whether you’re paying off debt, want to schedule in more date nights, plan that surprise vacation, get control of your goals, or anything else you can dream of, this planner will be your guiding light.

By choosing MSTRPLN, you're joining a community of like-minded, kick-ass people who share their successes and show support for yours. Consider this your safe place - where you can brag about your raise or cry about a setback, all without judgement. So go ahead, dream big - we'll be there right with you.