What To Do When You Go Over Your Wedding Budget

What To Do When You Go Over Your Wedding Budget

Wedding planning can be stressful, and even the most thorough wedding budget planning can get off-track.

If you’ve been following my wedding budget journey, you know I had to raise my own budget, which caused a lot of stress.

We'll be going over what you need to do when you go over your wedding budget (crying, not included).

Use a planner that keeps track of your overall wedding budget

The first thing you need to do to plan your wedding is to make sure you have a budget filled out with every single expense included.

And we mean EVERY expense.

The last thing you want to have happen is be close to your budget overall, but then realize you forgot to include some extra flights in that cost, putting you way over budget.

That’s why our Notion MSTRPLN Wedding Planner has a budget built-in which automatically adds up the math for you so you know exactly where your budget is.

Take a deep breath if you go over your wedding budget

It might feel like the end of the world if you go over your budget, but I promise there’s ways to adjust.

Take a deep breath and take a few steps back.

You don't want to stress yourself out and start panicking or canceling people you've hired.

There are plenty of ways to adjust and fix your overall budget without a problem, which we’ll get into next.

Get back in touch with your priorities

If you absolutely have to start hacking at your budget, you might need to go back to the drawing board with your future spouse and decide what matters the most to both of you.

That way, you can pay for the priorities that matter first and start to get rid of the things that don’t matter.

If you don’t care about a cake, why pay for an expensive custom one?

Your wedding should be about you as a couple and what matters to you both instead of worrying about what everyone else thinks about your big day.

Unless your parents/friends/family are paying for your wedding, you might need to mute their opinion.

Lots of people will have opinions about what you should do, but it's ultimately down to the two of you.

Break old wedding traditions

So much about the wedding industry is around the idea of what is “traditional” and guilting everyone into feeling like they need to keep up with the status quo.

Just because someone on Instagram did something for their wedding, doesn’t mean you have to.

This is why it’s so important to take action on the step before this and get in touch with what actually matters for you as a couple.

If you want a taco stand at your wedding because your first date was at a taco place, and thus you have to cut a live DJ out of your budget, why not do that?

There is so much pressure in the wedding industry to pay for everything, whether you even care about it or not.

Debate increasing your budget

It’s not possible for everyone, but if you can increase your budget, you might have to.

It personally relieved a lot of stress in my mind when I finally accepted that I had to raise my budget.

Like I said, that may or may not work for you, but the important thing is that you do what you have to do to have the wedding that's yours

Want to plan your wedding and not lose track of a single thing? Get our Wedding Planner!

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