How To Ask For A Raise (Without Stressing Yourself Out)

How To Ask For A Raise (Without Stressing Yourself Out)

Asking for a raise can feel nerve-wracking and intimidating.

However, if you truly want to get ahead in your career and be in charge of your finances, it is a conversation you will need to have eventually.

Most of us want to make more money every year, and asking for a raise is one of the fastest ways to make that happen.

The good news is, once you know all the tips and tricks of asking for a raise and navigating the corporate world, it becomes much easier.

Let's go over some tips you can use to get the conversation started.

Start the discussion with your manager ahead of time

Before you have the sit down discussion with your manager to go over a possible raise, you will want to sit them down ahead of time to put a raise on the table.

Now, that does not mean you necessarily want to demand anything on the spot, but you can start by asking them what they would like to see you accomplish in the next few months to justify a raise.

You might even want to ask if a raise is possible at all or what the budget is that your manager is dealing with.

Communication ahead of time can help set the expectations for upcoming discussions.

Do not assume a raise is a given

A lot of people just assume if they keep their head down and work hard that their boss will just automatically give them a raise.

While your company might have some mandatory policies toward raises and how they work, you still need to make your wishes known.

You will always need to advocate for yourself and your own desires, so do not assume your job is any different.

It is better to start the conversation and get a little pushback than to say nothing, get your hopes up, and not have it happen at all.

Figure out what other people are making

Now, this does not mean you have to run around your office asking people what they make. You can do this (and probably should do this) in a subtle way.

With good online searches and websites, such as Glassdoor, you should be able to get a ballpark number of what you should be earning.

You will want to take into account your time with the company, any extra education you have received, your work experience, and any extra certifications you have.

Compile your results

Before you sit down to talk with your manager, you will need to compile all the reasons you deserve a raise.

This can include things coworkers have said about you, times where you had to jump in, times when you went above and beyond what was asked for you, results from specific initiatives, and so on.

When you have something tangible to justify your raise, it is much easier for your boss to approve your raise or ask their boss for more room in the budget for your raise.

Look at outside offers

Now, you do not want anyone you work with to catch wind of you looking at other companies for employment.

However, talking with recruiters or people at other companies can help you figure out what you are worth and how much you could be making.

You might be surprised to learn that you could make thousands of dollar more per year, or have different perks such as hybrid work, if you made the switch to another company.

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