5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances and Your Home

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances and Your Home

With the warmer weather quickly approaching, lots of us feel the urge to spring clean our spaces. It can completely change your energy in your home to sweep out the dust and start fresh for the season.

The great part about spring cleaning is that you can use that energy to not only clean out the dust in your house, but you can use it to also get other areas of your life back on track.

Let's go through some ways you can use the momentum of spring to clean up your life.

Spring Clean Your Finances

If you've been putting off getting caught up with your finances, now is the time to clear the clutter and get back on track.

Do you have any subscriptions that you barely use? Take the time to cancel each of them and free up some wiggle room in your budget.

Have you ignored your budget over the past few months? Go to a coffee shop and catch yourself up on your finances and your goals.

Do you need to save for something coming up? Set up automatic transfers so you start to save toward your goal without thinking about it.

Donate Things You No Longer Need

Take the time to clear out the literal dust and stagnant air in your space. Open up your windows, bust out the vacuum cleaner, and donate what you no longer love.

You know we love a good eco-friendly option, so while you're clearing out your space, take the time to see if you can up-cycle your donation items. Some places will take your old things and turn them into something completely new or recycle them in the most eco-friendly way.

Spring Clean Your Mind

Don't overlook the need to clean out your mind while you also clean your physical space.

You might want to take a second to mind map everything you've been thinking about and get a big-picture view of what is stressing you out.

Even if you don't have something big stressing you out, you might just have tasks you've been putting off doing for months. Block out some time and commit to getting them done, you'll feel so much better once you do.

Rearrange One Spot in Your Space

For most of us, there's usually one spot in our space that simply doesn't flow well. Maybe the bathroom has an outdated curtain you notice every time you're in there. Maybe your office set up worked for a bit but no longer brings the same joy.

When there is something that consistently nags at you in your space, you might not even notice how much that's dragging down your brain.

Map out what you need to do to fix it and give it a much-needed boost. That way, it will bring peace instead of constantly being a source of frustration.

Plan Something to Get Excited About

As a final step, you'll want to plan something to get excited about. You've worked hard to clean out your space, get your finances on track, and complete some old tasks.

Once you've done all that, you deserve a little self care and some reward for all of that hard work.

It could be as big as a summer trip or maybe you simply want to go to your local bookstore and buy a book that you're going to read at the park this summer.

Make sure to always plug in rewards for your hard work.

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